Nicolas Prevelakis

Nicolas Prevelakis is a lecturer on Social Studies at Harvard University and Assistant Director of Curricular Development at Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies. He has a first Ph.D,. in moral philosophy, from the University of Paris-Sorbonne and a second one, in political sociology, from Boston University. His research has dealt with the history of moral philosophy, religion and politics, and contemporary globalization. Nicolas Prevelakis is also the director of the High School Summer Program at the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies in Nafplion, where he teaches a yearly seminar for high school students, entitled "Introduction to the Study of Humanity". He is very much interested in the topic of happiness: what makes people happy, how different cultures have tried to achieve if, and the contributions of such disciplines as philosophy, psychology, and even neuroscience, to its pursuit




I like that I learned some very interesting things for my future like the product design and the presentation skills.
- Summer School Student -

What I liked the most about the camp was the fact there were various activities, including teambuilding activities and many more, all in English.
- Summer School Student -

Excellent preparations and staff well organized.
- Summer School Student -

Excellent course, enjoyable and beneficial. Well spent money.
- Parent -


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